If you are here then you probably ended up here by accident.
How nice.

Although, there is a small chance you wanted to be here, so welcome, I will explain.
The Eye of the Beholder is a work in progress series/database created by me, ████████, although you can call me E.M.
(Hah, you thought I would ever tell you my name).
This database was created with the purpose of being a fictitious universe that is to be built upon by those who enjoy it.
Sort of like if you were a part of a fandom but instead of being limited to just viewing said fandom, you could help create and shape it.
There of course, would be some ground rules while doing so, but still, sound appealing?

EoTB is centred around a planet at the end of all time, a place where all those with no time left to go to find more. This place is called Hztvkplua (Good luck trying to figure that one out), but that is just how it ended up written after years of mistranslation, and those in charge just can't be bothered to change it back.
Speaking of those in charge, there is a council system in place, with representatives of the main planetary sectors having been created for that purpose, but they are not who truly rule. An entity known only as 'The Beholder' watches the land, but the last time they emerged from their anti-social bubble was approx. 576 years ago, so most of the inhabitants of Hztvkplua forgot about it. (How sad).

In this Database of sorts, I shall document and explain the nature of Hztvkplua and it's many inhabitants.
Remember, this entire planet is basically a really strange trip created by some really strange beings, so nothing is as it seems, and normal is the complete other direction.

With that short amount of 'welcome' information about this particular state of being, I have finished this brief and undetailed overview of the webpage.

Now then, there is some very important information regarding what you can and cannot do on this site on the Rules tab to your left, please read those before creating anything relating to EoTB, as it is there to make sure none of you (accidentally or not) try to change the lore on a fundamental level, including changing the base lore, the Beholder itself, or the 'Player'. (You will learn about their key role later)

Be aware that while this is starting out, there will be less editing at first, more just writing. All the 'boring' stuff comes later on!

Good Luck.

-The Asmodient

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